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7 Sep 2024 Trackday Bilster Berg


The trackday will be run in two groups in 45 min alternation. If you want to start in both groups, just book the start in 2nd group also.

Road-legal and racing vehicles are eligible to start.

Mutual liability is maintained. This is a sportive driving safety training, which is not intended to achieve top speeds or best times. There is no time measurement on the part of the organizer.

Example schedule

8:15Driver’s Briefing
8:30Trackwalk & Guided laps
9:30 - 17:00Free driving in two groups, 45 min. alternation
12:30 - 13:30Engine silence
16:30End of event, farewell

Send us your booking and secure your entry to a perfect trackday. If you would like additional booking options, simply write your wishes in the comments field. We will then contact you personally.


Driving during the trackday will be separated in two groups. If you want to start in both groups, simply book the upgrade for the second group. Participation fee per vehicle (1 driver)

Start in one start group / 34 free slots

799 € €

Start in both start groups

1.499 € €

Second driver on car already booked in

180 €

Guest / Passenger

30 €

Pit space per vehicle

100 €

Racing license (DMSB National, level A)

599 €

Theory workshop with exam the day before, practical exercises and handing out of the license certificate on the day of the trackday. Please ask for availability because of the minimum number of participants.

Optionally book your 1:1 Coaching®

1 day exclusive GOLD Coach

1.790 €

1 day exclusive SILBER Coach

1.590 €

1 day exclusive BRONZE Coach

1.390 €

1/2 day exclusive GOLD Coach

940 €

1/2 day exclusive SILBER Coach

830 €

1/2 day exclusive BRONZE Coach

710 €

Compact Coaching

369 €

45 min. 1:1 Coaching® in the car
30 min. reflection session
Onboard video and data analysis to take with you on a USB stick

All prices include VAT.