Red Bull Ring

Idyll and F1 action

The Red Bull Ring has become one of the hotspots of international motorsports, not least thanks to Formula 1 king Dietrich Mateschitz. Idyllically located, not only is the track a real source of fun, but the surrounding area also offers plenty of enjoyment.

Fabulous hotels, excellent hospitality and an alpine ambience that is simply unique define every event at the Red Bull Ring.

Track facts

  • 4,318 km
  • 10 corners (6 right, 4 left)
  • Track width min. 10 m, max. 25 m
  • Motorsport-series: Formel 1, DTM, MotoGP, Porsche Serien
  • Characteristics: ultra-fast, fluid cornering, very technical
  • Main use: racing events, trackdays
  • Lap record: 1:05,619, Carlos Sainz, Formel 1 2020
GEDLICH Racing - Trackday Red Bull Ring - Schlosshotel Gabelhofen Außenansicht

Schlosshotel Gabelhofen

Schlosshotel Gabelhofen

Luxury, tradition and fabulous hospitality

The Gabelhofen Castle is one of the selected houses that are characterized by warm hospitality, living tradition, incomparable location and an outstanding culinary offer. Thus, this house lives up to the claim of being an “inspiring place” and is therefore allowed to bear the quality seal Tauroa.

Schloss Gabelhofen is a special refuge for those seeking relaxation, art lovers and time travelers in the elegant ambience of a truly stately castle.

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